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  • Continuous casting
  • Freezing-up casting
  • Bimetals
  • Silumins
  • Simulation of casting processes
  • Water analog simulation of die casting
  • Electroslag casting

  • Development of diagnosis system of the metal surface damage
  • Development of prognosis system of the steel surface damage by the Light Section Profiling System (LSP system) in high-speed production process
  • Development of prognosis system of the steel bulk property claim by the magnetic detection method in continuous production process
  • Diagnosis system of quality control and process control by digital image analysis
  • Universal magnetic thickness gage
  • Development of anti-corrosive active polymer film for steel packing

  • Magnetic Impulse Hardening
  • Cladding
  • IMM (Induction Metallurgical Method) Surface Hardening
  • Thermal Spray Coating Process
  • Flame Spray
  • Detonation Flame Spraying
  • Nontransferred Plasma Arc Spraying
  • Electric Arc Spraying
  • Activated arc spray- Hypersonic metallization
  • High-Frequency Pulse Hardening of Surfaces
  • Wire Arc Coatings
  • Metallization Of Ferrites And Creation Of Fixed Compositions Ferrite-metal

  • Equipment For Surface Metallization And Blazing Of Oxide Materials
  • for continuous casting of cast iron and nonferrous metals
  • for battery grid casting
  • for continuous casting of CuCl belt
  • Plant for continuous casting of copper, aluminum, gold, silver, solder wires

    Continuous casing ingot

    The melt is teemed into iron receiver, joined with water cooled crystallizer. Solidifying casting is extracted periodically: move - stop.

    The plant is designed for every concrete customer in accordance with his range of castings, outputs and other requirements, which determine technical parameters and a final cost of the plant. For example:

    Continuous-cast castings

    The plant consists of:

  • iron receiver without heating;
  • two crystallizers without a graphite insertion for two-strand production;
  • roller table;
  • secondary cooling device;
  • withdrawal-roll set with a screw hold-down tool for rolls;
  • hand-operated cutting mechanism;
  • control board.
  • OR

  • induction mixer;
  • two crystallizers without a graphite insertion for two-strand production;
  • roller table;
  • secondary cooling device;
  • withdrawal-roll set with a hydraulic hold-down tool for rolls;
  • automatic cutting mechanism ;
  • control board.
  • The plant can be equiped with automatic ingot cutting device. At production of rods from 20 to 80 mm (for cutting them), hand-operated cutting device can be used.

    The plant for cast iron casting is equiped with mechanisms of notching and breaking of castings.

    Equipment delivery time 4,5 - 6 months.

    Main technical characteristics of the plant
    for continuous horizontal casting NGL-14

    Name of the parameter Значение
    Diameter of cast rods, mm 30-200
    stand number 1 и 2
    output, kg/h
    diameter 30 mm 320-360
    diameter 100 mm 370-410
    diameter 200 mm 480-540
    iron receiver capacity, kg
    two-stand 250-300
    single-stand 150-200
    average rate of casting, mm/min
    diameter 30 mm 400-430
    diameter 100 mm 90-120
    diameter 200 mm 480-540
    rod extraction regimes, sec
    move time 0,01-99,9
    stop time 0,01-99,9
    Material of produced rods tin bronzes
    aluminum bronze
    Electric motor power, kWt 4,5
    Control system electrical
    Cooling of crystallizer water
    Water pressure in the circle, bar not less than 1
    water discharge for cooling, m3/h 1,8-2,5
    supply voltage, V 380
    Dimensions, mm
    length 5500
    width 2100
    height 1500
    Weight, kg 1900

    Main technical characteristics of induction mixer

    Name of the parameter Значение
    Total capacity of the furnace (2 baths), kg 700-800
    Melt temperature, °С до 1200
    Output, kg/h 170
    installed power, kW 60
    Circuit voltage, V 380
    Phase number 2
    Preciseness of temperature maintenance, °С 10
    Furnace weight with lining, t. 3
    Dimensions, mm
    length 1900
    width 1200
    height 900
    Power frequency, Hz 50
    cos not less than 0,7
    Discharge of technical water for furnace cooling, m3/h 0,18
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