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  • Continuous casting
  • Freezing-up casting
  • Bimetals
  • Silumins
  • Simulation of casting processes
  • Water analog simulation of die casting
  • Electroslag casting

  • Development of diagnosis system of the metal surface damage
  • Development of prognosis system of the steel surface damage by the Light Section Profiling System (LSP system) in high-speed production process
  • Development of prognosis system of the steel bulk property claim by the magnetic detection method in continuous production process
  • Diagnosis system of quality control and process control by digital image analysis
  • Universal magnetic thickness gage
  • Development of anti-corrosive active polymer film for steel packing

  • Magnetic Impulse Hardening
  • Cladding
  • IMM (Induction Metallurgical Method) Surface Hardening
  • Thermal Spray Coating Process
  • Flame Spray
  • Detonation Flame Spraying
  • Nontransferred Plasma Arc Spraying
  • Electric Arc Spraying
  • Activated arc spray- Hypersonic metallization
  • High-Frequency Pulse Hardening of Surfaces
  • Wire Arc Coatings
  • Metallization Of Ferrites And Creation Of Fixed Compositions Ferrite-metal

  • Equipment For Surface Metallization And Blazing Of Oxide Materials
  • for continuous casting of cast iron and nonferrous metals
  • for battery grid casting
  • for continuous casting of CuCl belt
  • Plant for continuous casting of copper, aluminum, gold, silver, solder wires
  • DEVELOPMENTS OF THE INSTITUTE :: Universal magnetic thickness gage


    The Mag6 is intended for thickness measurement of ferromagnetic metal under a layer of a non-magnetic coating or corrosion as well as of the layer of coating or corrosion. It can also be applied to measure the thickness of ferromagnetic sheets and products without coatings and to measure the protective non-ferromagnetic coatings on a ferromagnetic basis.

    Operational principle

    The work of the device is based on the measurement of the normal component of induction of a secondary field in two points, where its dependence on the thickness of non-magnetic coating has various behaviors. Such dependence is provided by the specially created source of a primary (magnetizing) field on the basis of constant high-coercitivity magnets.


    A: non-magnetic layer (rust, oil stain, dust or micro-defect of metal surface)
    B: magnetic substrate ( steel, etc)
    1: ball probe
    2: permanent magnet
    3: material under testing
    4: measuring coil or Malls transducer
    5: measuring unit

    Local volume of material is magnetized by permanent magnet via ball made of steel when the ball is contacting the material. After that, the probe is separated from the material and the measuring coil interacts with the magnetic field created by magnet in material. Interaction signal depends on the thickness of non-magnetic layer on the surface of material


    The Mag-6 consists of the transducers and the electronic block. The transducer includes the magnetizing system and the measuring elements, and does not contain special devices for detachment from the products. The electronic block has the built-in program for processing of the measured results, which transforms the received values of induction into the absolute ones of the thickness of non-magnetic coating and ferromagnetic basis according to the given algorithm. The measurement results are indicated on the service panel.




    It is possible to expend the range of the measured thickness by introduction of the additional mechanism of the transducer detachment from the product.

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