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  • Continuous casting
  • Freezing-up casting
  • Bimetals
  • Silumins
  • Simulation of casting processes
  • Water analog simulation of die casting
  • Electroslag casting

  • Development of diagnosis system of the metal surface damage
  • Development of prognosis system of the steel surface damage by the Light Section Profiling System (LSP system) in high-speed production process
  • Development of prognosis system of the steel bulk property claim by the magnetic detection method in continuous production process
  • Diagnosis system of quality control and process control by digital image analysis
  • Universal magnetic thickness gage
  • Development of anti-corrosive active polymer film for steel packing

  • Magnetic Impulse Hardening
  • Cladding
  • IMM (Induction Metallurgical Method) Surface Hardening
  • Thermal Spray Coating Process
  • Flame Spray
  • Detonation Flame Spraying
  • Nontransferred Plasma Arc Spraying
  • Electric Arc Spraying
  • Activated arc spray- Hypersonic metallization
  • High-Frequency Pulse Hardening of Surfaces
  • Wire Arc Coatings
  • Metallization Of Ferrites And Creation Of Fixed Compositions Ferrite-metal

  • Equipment For Surface Metallization And Blazing Of Oxide Materials
  • for continuous casting of cast iron and nonferrous metals
  • for battery grid casting
  • for continuous casting of CuCl belt
  • Plant for continuous casting of copper, aluminum, gold, silver, solder wires

    Department of contact phenomena

    Head of the Department of contact phenomena - Euheni Marukovich, Academician of NAS of Belarus, D.Sc.(Foundry), professor, foreign member (academician) of Academy of technological sciences of the Ukraine, State Prize winner, Honored Inventor of the Republic of Belarus, Director of the Institute of Technology of Metals of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

    Laboratory of Crystallization Kinetics

    Vitaliy Charkov - Acting as Head of Laboratory of Crystallization Kinetics

    Scientific activity:

    • control of the processes of formation of structure and properties of castings under intensive controlled heat sink;
    • Development of technologies and equipment for special types of casting;
    • Mathematical and physical modeling of casting processes;calculation of stress-strained states of metalworks;
    • Image processing in medicine, distant viewing and nondestructive testing.

    Main developments:

    • melting and casting equipment for continuous horizontal casting of billets out of ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys;
    • technology of creation of new materials with improved operating properties; equipment and technology for production of bimetal billets by electroslag casting method;
    • equipment and technology of production of copper anodes.

    Tel. +375-222-279367; Fax +375-222-280149;

    The Laboratory has the following subdivision:

  • Sector of casting equipment design. Head of the sector Charkov Vitaliy
  • Sector of continuous horizontal casting. Valeri Zemcov. Tel. +375 222 280695 Tel. +375 222 280695
  • Sector of electroslag casting. Head of the sector Igor Sazonenko. Tel.+375 222 280157

  • Sector of bimetal castings

    Dmitry Meshkov - Head of the sector

    Scientific activity:

    • physical-chemical basis of metallurgical processes of production of articles with minimal utilizable waste, efficient energy consumption and serious decrease of harmful emissions to the biosphere;
    • data preparing for development of new technologies of production of composite cast materials, based on low cost nonferrous metals and alloys.

    Main developments:

    • creation of ways and methods of realization of the processes and technologies of production of new products.

    Tel. +375 222 279990

    Department of innovations and scientific-technical developments

    Elena Patuk - Head of the Department

    Scientific activity:

    • analysis of regularities of innovation development of economics, considering regional peculiarities.

    Main developments:

    • functional and economical schemes of activity of regional innovation center;
    • strategy instructions on planning and fulfilment of innovation projects in regional scientific-technical program.

    Tel/Fax +375 222 288598

    Laboratory of Contact Heat Exchange

    Dr. Valeri Il'ushenko - Head of Laboratory.

    Scientific activity:

    • Analysis of regularities of contact heat exchange at solidification of melts of metals and salts on mobile crystallizers;
    • Identification of heat exchange at solidification and cooling of castings in permanent molds and roller-type crystallizers;
    • calculation of solidification of belts and strips at continuous casting into rotary crystallizers, and at cyclic casting of zinc anode billets into permanent molds;
    • calculation of water cooling of roller-crystallizers at transient and quasi-stationary regimes of casting;
    • calculation of parameters of rotary machines for continuous casting of belts and strips;
    • control of the processes of structure formation, properties and precision of castings out of nonferrous metals and salts.

    Main developments:

    • continuous casting by the method of direct rolling of lead, lead alloy and chlorous silver belts;
    • continuous casting of reinforced belt out of copper chloride for production of electrodes in water activated power sources;
    • continuous casting of lead battery grid;
    • continuous casting of strips into wheel-belt crystallizer;
    • low-cost technology of production of zinc anodes by the method of casting of precision-size billets and hot rolling of them with minimal drafting.

    Tel. +375 222 280708

    Continuously-iterative casting laboratory

    Dr. Vladimir Bevza - Head of the laboratory.

    Scientific activity:

    • formation of hollow castings, structure and properties of cast articles under the conditions of directed solidification at intensive unidirectional heat sink and overheat of solid-melt interface;
    • Heat deformation interaction of a casting and thin-wall water cooled mold under stationary-periodical heat exchange;
    • control of the process of structure formation of cast iron castings.

    Main developments:

    • continuous and continuously-iterative methods of casting billets out of cast iron with preset structure and increased physical-mechanical properties;
    • technology of continuously iterative casting of billets of cyllinder sleeves, piston and gasket rings, worm wheels etc. out of low alloy cast iron of perlite class at free formation of the inner surface;
    • technology of casting of billets out of white high chromium cast iron for parts, working under the conditions of abrasive wear and dry friction;
    • technology of production of pipe billets out of tin bronze by the method of semicontinuous casting by freezing up.

    Tel. +375 222 280153

    Alloy Modification laboratory

    Dr. Vladimir Stetsenko - Head of the laboratory.

    Scientific activity:

    • quenching solidification casting;production of nanostructure aluminum alloys;
    • production of wear-resistant aluminum alloys with microstructure inversion;
    • Improvement of structure heredity of billets out of aluminum alloys.

    Main developments:

    • quenching solidification casting method;
    • technology of production of cast aluminum-silicon alloys with nanostructural silicon;
    • technology of casting of hypereutectic silumins with inverted structure and wear resistance, comparing well with antifriction bronze;
    • technology of universal inoculation of silumins by improving structure heredity of billets;
    • technological equpment for production of aluminum alloys with inverted and ultradispersed microstructure.

    Tel. +375 222 280113

    Laboratory of Surface Deffects

    Choi Ki-Young - Head of the laboratory.

    Scientific Activity:

    • Surface Damage Analysis relating to the Corrosion Science and Tribology by Digital Image Processing;
    • Evaluation of Total Coating Surface Properties (Corrosion, Roughness, Friction and Wear, Fatigue and Fracture, Adhesion, etc).
    • Surface Hardening Technology ( Hyper Sonic Spray Coating, Induction Metallurgical Coating, Clading by Rotating Brush, Hardfacing)
    • Anti-Corrosion Technology ( Inhibitor and vapor anti corrosion inhibitor paper for steel and Alloy)

    Main developments:

    • Development of Algorism for Digital Image Processing ( pattern recogntion, image restoration, morphorogical feature attraction, etc)
    • Development of the Devices and System which are used for the Surface Damage Analysis (LSP System, Magentic detector, Acoustic Emission, Ultra sonic equipment, Laser detection, etc);
    • Development of the Devices and Technology relating to Hyper Sonic Spray Coating, Induction Metallurgical Coating, Clading by Rotating Brush, Hardfacing .
    • Mathematic Modeling process for Metal Alloy.

    Tel. +375 222 278327

    Fax +375 222 280149

    Metal and alloy testing laboratory

    Nikolai Gilkov - Head of the Laboratory

    • Performs recertification of monolyth standard samples of steels, bronze of tin and aluminum alloys with expired work terms (approximate cost of recertification set makes 450000 BY. Rub.).
    • Performs expert analysis of the compound of steels, cast irons,bronzes, aluminum alloys.

    Tel. +375 222 280637

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