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  • Main directions of scientific research work

    Main directions of scientific research work are:

    • Development of theoretical basics of control of the processes of formation of structure and properties of metals and alloys at crystallization and solidification;
    • Creation of new materials and technological processes of their production, treatment and strengthening;
    • Analysis of physics and chemistry of metallurgical processes and external exposures on crystallizing metal;
    • Solidification of metals and alloys under intensive unidirectional heat sink;
    • Aerodynamic sound hardening of metals;
    • Regularities of contact heat exchange of metal mold with solidifying casting under controlled heat sink;

    Results of fundamental research of the Institute are used for:

    • development of environmentally friendly resource saving technologies of continuous casting of ingots out of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys;
    • development of new cast, including bimetal, materials with improved properties (strength, plasticity, density);

    The Institute designs, produces, delivers, performs installation and service of equipment for: continuous casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; electroslag casting of billets, including bimetal; centryfugal casting of bimetals.

    On demands of customers, the Institute produces:

    • cylinder sleeves for uprated engines;
    • zinc anodes for plating;
    • original prizes, souveniers, bas-reliefs, statues, memorial tablets and other sculpture work out of bronze and aluminum.

    Continuous horizontal casting method:

    • rectangular, round and complex profile billets out of cast iron and copper-based alloys;
    • hollow castings out of cast iron and copper-based alloys;
    • copper anodes for plating.

    Electroslag casting method:

    • bimetal billets;
    • stainless steel billets.

    Quenching solidification casting method:

    • castings out of АК12 alloy with nanostructure eutectic silicon;
    • castings out of АК15, АК18, АК21 alloys with ultrafine dispersed structure, possessing unique physical-mechanical, wear-resistance and exploitation properties.

    The Institute designs and produces casting equipment:

    • electroslag casting plant;
    • continuous horizontal casting plant;
    • channel furnaces for brass and bronze casting;
    • plant for continuous casting of copper-chloride belt;
    • crystallizers with jet cooling system for plants of continuous horizontal casting of metals and alloys.

    The Institute also offers services:

    • Analysis of structure and properties of metals and alloys
    • Analysis of chemistry of metals and alloys, molded powders, wire by the method of atomic emission spectroscopy;
    • Metallographic analysis of structure;
    • Analysis of physical-mechanical properties.

            Postgraduate Study in foundry (05.16.04 speciality) operates at the Institute. Scince 1999, the Institute is head organization of the Regional scientific-technical program «Development of Mogilev Region». Developments of the Institute are covered by invention certificates of the USSR, patents of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries. The Institute cooperates intensively with scientific institutions and industrial enterprises of Belarus. In 1997 and 2006 The Institute was awarded International "Quality Prize" (France).

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