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    Anatolij Zhigalov
    Director, Grand Ph.D.(Engineering), Associate Professor
    Phone: +375 (222) 64 93 27

    Sukhotskii Sergei
    Deputy Director for Science and Innovation Activity, Ph.D.(Engineering), Associate Professor
    Phone: +375 (222) 64 16 20

    Elena Zhigunova
    Assistant Manager
    Phone: +375 (222) 76 66 47 Fax 64 01 49

    Industrial laboratory of alloys metallurgy

    Head of the Industrial Laboratory - Anatolij Zhigalov, Grand Ph.D.(Engineering), Associate Professor
    Phone: +375 (222) 64 93 27

    The activities of the industrial laboratory are aimed at:

    • technologies for obtaining the structure and properties of powder hard alloys based on tungsten, titanium, tantalum carbides with cobalt as a binder;
    • recycling and hardening of hard alloys in order to improve their qualitative performance characteristics;
    • secondary processing of scrap from high-speed steel in order to obtain material for tool production;
    • technologies of pressing/sintering/processing/cleaning/marking replaceable multifaceted carbide plates based on tungsten carbide from finished powders and from powders obtained by destruction of carbide scrap;
    • aerodynamic sound hardening of a hard alloy based on tungsten carbide by the combined effect of temperature and resonant waves of the sound frequency spectrum;
    • technology for processing scrap from high-speed steel to obtain material for tool products.

    Laboratory of Contact Heat Exchange

    Grigori Korotkin - Head of Laboratory, Ph.D.(Foundry)

    Phone: +375-222-640708; +375-222-64 86 25

    Scientific activity:

    • casting alloyed white cast irons with high hardness, impact resistance capability and wear resistance;
    • production of zinc anodes by mold casting of precision-sized blanks and their hot rolling with minimal reduction;
    • casting of copper chloride plates for water-activated current sources.

    The Laboratory has the following subdivision:

  • Research and Production Sector. Head of the sector - Pavel Duvalov   Phone:+375-222-640708
  • Mathematical Modeling Sector. Head of the sector - Vladimir Pumpur  

  • Continuously-iterative casting laboratory

    Vladimir Grusha - Head of Laboratory, Ph.D.(Foundry), Associate Professor

    Phone: +375-222-64 01 53

    Scientific activity:

    • formation of hollow castings, structure and properties of cast articles under the conditions of directed solidification at intensive unidirectional heat sink and overheat of solid-melt interface;
    • heat deformation interaction of a casting and thin-wall water cooled mold under stationary-periodical heat exchange;
    • control of the process of structure formation of cast iron castings.

    Main developments:

    • continuous and continuously-iterative methods of casting billets out of cast iron with preset structure and increased physical-mechanical properties;
    • technology of continuously iterative casting of billets of cyllinder sleeves, piston and gasket rings, worm wheels etc. out of low alloy cast iron of perlite class at free formation of the inner surface;
    • technology of casting of billets out of white high chromium cast iron for parts, working under the conditions of abrasive wear and dry friction;
    • technology of production of pipe billets out of tin bronze by the method of semicontinuous casting by freezing up.

    Industrial laboratory for casting of iron and steel

    Head of the Industrial Laboratory - Vladimir Pumpur, Ph.D.(Foundry), Associate Professor
    Phone: +375-222-64 75 98

    The activities of the industrial laboratory are aimed at:

    • development of casting technologies and casting modes and heat treatment of iron and steel products;
    • obtaining new materials with special and improved properties for the manufacture of products from them at metallurgical and foundry enterprises, as well as at other enterprises of the Republic of Belarus;
    • resolving scientific and production challenges of enterprises which manufacture is based on the use of cast-iron and steel casting technologies;
    • development of resource-saving casting technologies and modes of casting products from secondary raw materials;
    • development of new 3D-technologies for obtaining high-precision models of castings of complex shape for lost foam casting of engineering parts.

    Department of innovations and scientific-technical developments

    Elena Patuk - Head of the Department

    Phone/Fax: +375-222-64 06 99


    • organization of international cooperation, exhibitions, seminars;
    • patent and licensing work, legal, economic, personnel issues of the economic activity of the organization;
    • providing structural subdivisions with scientific, technical and reference information;
    • preparation for publication of information materials, catalogs and prospectuses on the developments of the institute.

    Metal and alloy testing laboratory

    Nikolai Gilkov - Head of Laboratory

    Phone: +375-222-64 16 31

    Scientific activity:

    • expert analysis of the composition of steels, cast irons, bronzes, aluminum alloys;
    • determination of the chemical composition of metals and alloys, compressed powders, wire by atomic emission spectroscopy;
    • metallographic researches of the structure of metals and alloys;
    • tests for determination of physical and mechanical properties;
    • metrological researches.

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